The Miss Career Africa Competition

The Miss Career Africa Competition has a 30 –year’s plan of creating a movement of 450,000 young women Entrepreneurs & professionals across Africa who will take up the powers and carry the candles of influence in their respective countries and become the captains of industries. Miss Career Africa is the first competition to consider a career and professional success over the mere beauty. The competition focuses on providing capital funds in form micro-loans with with no interest rate and opportunities for university scholarship awards to the most deserving ones through our partners for some of the young women in our Alumni to be able to go to college and further their education but more importantly, Our priority is providing capital funds for those interested in doing business and help others with social projects succeed too. Miss Career Africa has plans to evolve in Africa as young women’s gateway to unlimited transformation and fulfillment platform. The competition wills never ever in its history judge on outward appearance for the Miss Career Africa Program-believes that girl’s worthiness does not stem from her beauty but brain. Throughout the competition and in interviews, And incubations programs or various career based cohorts, candidates get additional opportunities to advocate for their social impact initiatives and to demonstrate how they are uniquely qualified for the exciting and challenging 365-day service of being Miss Career Africa. Basically, In Each region in all the 5 regions of Africa,

The competition selects 15 best candidates from each region out of thousands of applicants who apply to be crowned-Miss Career Africa. The selected 15 after being shortlisted, Are published on the MCA website for online voting competition where only 10 out of 15 qualify to represent their respective regions and all the 10 from each region meet as 50 female game changers in the Boot Camp at the end of the year for about a week and then, only 15 out 50 pass the boot camp and get tickets to go on Grand Finale. According to the 2019-2020 Board meeting Resolutions, The MCA organization in one of the articles, resolved that competition will be having a gap year every after Grand Finale for it to happen again and This will help to create enough time of helping the former winners implement their businesses and projects. The winners of the competition will be as the follow: Miss Career Africa, Miss Career Per region (in whom 4 Miss Career Africa runners ups will come from too), Miss Technology, Miss Science, Miss Talent, Miss Entrepreneur, Miss Hospitality, Miss Arts and Miss Speaker. The program exists to step away from just empowering to handing keys of the power to the young women across Africa to be the best they can be through career guidance, career placements, cohorts, training, funding opportunities & university scholarship opportunities.