Competition Overview


MCA's vision is to create a movement of 450,000 young women Entrepreneurs & Professionals across Africa who will become trailblazers, take up responsibilities and carry the candles of influence in their respective countries - to become skilled contributors to the workforce, nation builders and the captains of industries.
The Competition is  sponsored by Microlend Australia Ltd through  All Trust Consult and Managed by DecideX Group.
Our competition selects 75 of the best candidates from around Africa, based on their projects/businesses - out of hundreds of applicants who are competing to be crowned “Miss Career Africa.” 
After the preselections, online voting process, candidates go through a 5 days boot camp and team of experts help them shape their ideas into viable, scale-able and repeatable projects/business models then final pitches continue on the “Grande Finale”.
Grande Finale features a panel of judges -From different disciplines, careers and nations to facilitate MCA to crown the following categories: 5 Miss regions representing their respective regions namely-Southern,Northern,Central, Eastern and Western region(s), Miss STEM(Merged what was formerly Miss Technology and Miss Science separately), Miss Entrepreneur, Miss Hospitality, Miss Arts and Talent(Merged what was formerly Miss Arts and Miss Talent separately), Miss Speaker.
Prizes include seed capital (about $11,000) and a six month business incubation training period.
The program exists to step away from just theoretical empowerment - to actual equipping and handing the real keys of success to ambitious young women across Africa. We seek to help them to be the best they can be - through career guidance, career placements, cohorts, business modelling training and funding.
With over 1 million individual responses on our website (yes you read it correctly - over 1 Million!) every year, it has been an incredible success.
We realize that African governements and partners  have done all they can to empower women and really have lifted many young women out of poverty, helping to shape Africa’s society into a knowledge based economy-model continent.
Miss Career Africa would be honored to have many esteemed partners' backing around Africa to be able to acheive  the competition's goal.